Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

Our mission is to be "A Great Commission driven network empowered by Great Commandment love." 

Our Values

Creative Interdependence

Servant Leadership

Radical Generosity

More can be accomplished together than in isolation and the best means of interdependence is through the natural outpouring of genuine, authentic relationships.
Jesus modeled servant leadership as He emptied Himself and considered the Father’s agenda more important than his own (Phil. 2:6).
God is a generous God, so His people must lead the way in generosity.  We will go above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of God in our cities, our nation and around the world.

Intentional Multiplication

We believe that the people of God should be mobilized through the multiplication of disciples and churches.

Cultural Relevance

The Church today needs to be missionally responsive, culturally adaptive, and organizationally agile.

The Vision of Redemption Ministries

To empower disciples and equip churches to engage every community where they live, work, and play with the transforming love of Jesus Christ. As a network of churches, ministers, and ministries we will turn compassion into action - so that the spiritual climate of every city and county within our growing sphere of influence will be transformed. 

Empower Every Person

To discover their unique missional lifestyle and be released into the waiting harvest field.

Equip Every Church

To embrace their unique mission field and intentionally engage it.

Engage Every Community

With the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Our Strategy

To make this a reality we will engage in a focused movement of discipleship and church multiplication so that by December 31, 2033 we will have a Network church in 75% of the cities and counties within our sphere of influence, with 50 churches serving immigrant populations.
Our Milestones for the next 3 years (Jan 2022 – Dec 2024) are:
  • 50% of Network churches engaged in the Healthy Growing Churches Coaching Network. 
  • 20% of tithe income allocated toward Church Health and Multiplication. 
  • The creation and implementation of a church planter apprentice system. 
  • A local church centered leadership pipeline developed and implemented.

Our Focus

Our Focus through 2024 will be the development and implementation of a strategic church health and multiplication plan that will include:
Increasing the Healthy Growing Churches Coaching Network to a total of 45% of the Network churches and launch a Hispanic HGC Network with at least 5 pastors involved.
Develop and implement a Church Multiplication Process.
  • Promotional process to help churches become a parent or sponsor church 
  • Church Planter Enlistment Process 
  • Church Planter Training/Coaching System 
  • Parent Church, Church Planter Apprentice System (Include 6 Churches and 10 Apprentice Planters.)
Develop and Implement a plan to increase tithing to 100% and to allocate 20% of the tithe income to Church Health and Church Multiplication.
A focused prayer movement that will provide:
  • Spiritual covering for our Network and Network leadership, as well as churches that are engaged in the HGC Network and Church Multiplication.
  • A softening of the spiritual climate within the priority church planting areas.
  • A crying out to the Lord of the Harvest to send the needed workers for the coming harvest.

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