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Everyone knows that an airplane needs two wings to fly properly. Without both wings operating at an optimal level then it will end up crashing. In the same way, the movement of what we call the Church has to have two wings as well. These two wings are healthy growth of existing churches and planting brand new churches. If those wings are not in place then the movement of God’s Kingdom will become stagnated.

Healthy Growing Multiplying Churches

Arise 2033 Church Planting Movement

Josh Hannah, who has a Network of 25 churches, and has been an IPHC minister for years, started HGM Coaching Groups to help pastors reach the unchurched in their communities, increase volunteers and increase funding. In almost every conference of the IPHC we are seeing the most results we have ever seen! Our conference has been a part of this since 2019. There has been growth and even more important we have had over 30 different churches represented. We gather every month, whether by Zoom or in-person. If you would like more information, you can contact our Conference Representative, Tommie Smith, who pastors One City Church. He works with our Network Office to coordinate these events. We can provide coaching and help to your church. 
Bishop A.D Beacham has been given a mandate from God to see a 75% increase in areas in where we have no IPHC church presence. This can only be accomplished by starting brand new churches. Jim Wall was appointed as the Church Planting Director for the IPHC in 2019. He formed a task force of 6 seasoned church planters to develop a system that was created by the IPHC, for the IPHC. The goal is to partner every church planter with a step by step process, a coach, a conference and a mother church. Our goal is to ensure healthy church plants. If you are interested in learning more, then click below. If you would like to learn more about church planting within the Redemption Ministries Network, please contact our conference representative: Leon Dunning .

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Nuts & Bolts Leadership is a platform that produces content that will transform how you will lead your church. By clicking below, you will gain access to material for waves, sermon series, celebrations, connections, and graphics. Also, you can connect with a coach who can guide you to develop a healthy and multiplying church.

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