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An Appeal to Heaven… Now!

Posted By Crisman White / March 29, 2016 / Bishop's Blog, Maturing Leaders, Uncategorized / Comments are disabled

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The year was 1775 and our country was just about to face their greatest battle on American soil, it was the beginning of the American Revolution. At that time the British (the most powerful military in the world) was occupying Boston and problems in the colonies were rising.

George Washington wanted to intercept incoming British ships with supplies; however, the popular vote in Philadelphia disagreed with anything to do with upsetting the king, especially after the Boston Tea Party.

Our General decided to take it upon himself behind closed doors to commission six privately owned schooners and start his own navy, (rumored to be at his own expense) it was to be called “Washington’s Secret Navy” and all boats were to have “An Appeal to Heaven” flags upon them.

The pine tree image in the Appeal to Heaven flag is also known as the “Tree of Peace.” It has been sacred by the Iroquois Indians for over a 1000 years in America. At a very troubling time in their history, a peacemaker united six great tribes from the Great Lake areas and established unity. This great treaty was symbolized by burying their weapons under a pine tree (this is were “bury the hatchet” came from) and this tree was to be guarded by a bald eagle at its peak clutching six arrows, representing the six tribes…sound familiar? Our eagle has thirteen.

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{This sermon includes powerful reflection moments to help you experience Jesus}




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